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Helpful Orthopaedic Surgeon Products

orthopaedic surgeon productsThere are orthopaedic surgeon products that are essential to ensuring the safety and efficiency of orthopedic procedures and surgeries. Orthopedic surgeons use these devices on their patients before, during and after surgery. When fixing a broken fracture, they must keep the bone aligned properly. One method of doing this is to use a surgical positioning device.

The hipGRIP® surgical positioning device is one product that keeps the patient’s body part straight during surgery. There are other types of positioning devices made for the arm, leg, shoulder or knee.

In addition, there are surgical wraps that promote self healing after an injury or surgery. The Velcro closures fit easily in place and can be adjusted for any fit. A hot or cold therapy pack can be slid in between the layers.

Post-Surgery Orthopedic Devices

These orthopedic devices are often bought and used by non-professionals and do not require doctor’s prescriptions. However, it’s recommended that you contact a specialist before carrying out your own treatment.

Back Braces

The most common orthopedic problem is a spine or back injury. The most common product that orthopedic surgeons recommend is the back brace. This brace provides support for people with crooked backs or misaligned spines. It provides pain relief for those with back injuries from car accidents, falls, etc. When people sleep or bend over, they may feel more pain shoot into their lower backs. The brace reduces the pain and promotes faster healing.

Stomach Braces

Stomach braces are made for people with different types of stomach injuries. Some people have painful hiatal hernias that occur when their stomachs bulge out of their diaphragms and rub into their chests. The diaphragm is a muscle, so an orthopedic specialist can recommend a stomach brace to reduce the discomfort after a surgery. The brace compression applies more pressure to the location of the hernia, which prevents it from bulging out into the wrong places. It’s recommended that you wear the brace before surgery, afterwards and whenever you need less strain in your stomach area.

Orthopedic Shoes

Orthopedic shoes, also known as medical walking shoes, make walking easier and less painful after a serious injury or a major surgery. The shoes are soft with Velcro fasteners and rubber outsoles to prevent slips and falls. When a bone breaks in your foot or toe, walking in regular shoes becomes very painful and difficult. Orthopedic shoes are easy to slip on and suitable for walking at home or in public.

Orthopedics is a musculoskeletal field that involves studying how the bones, muscles and joints work. Orthopedic doctors cannot perform their surgeries well without the help of nurses and the extra assistance from surgical positioning devices, physical therapy packs and more. Sun Medica is your source for these products, no matter what the injury is or where your surgery is performed.