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universal lateral positioner for surgery

How the Universal Lateral Positioner for Surgery Streamlines Surgical Procedures

universal lateral positioner for surgeryGetting the patient situated prior, during, and post-surgery can take a great deal of time. However, positioning devices were designed to make surgery more efficient. For example, the universal lateral positioner for surgery is perfect for right and left decubitus position (RLDP) patient placement. Learn how it offers several advantages for surgeons and their medical teams.

Pads with Clips Enable Easy Patient-to-Table Transferring

The universal lateral positioner for surgery has sturdy pads that attach to the device. This provides comfort and safety for the patient while transitioning to the surgical table. Moreover, while in surgery, the pads continue to stabilize. As a result, they reduce cumbersome, risky, and repetitive repositioning movements. After surgery, the post-operative steps of transitioning the patient onto the hospital bed are easier.

Lumbar Pad Stabilizes the Patient and Distributes Pressure

The universal lateral positioner’s lumbar pad contours to a variety of anatomies. The patient remains stabilized until the surgeon decides to adjust the positioner system.

The Anterior Support Column Enhances Patient Stability

The anterior support column provides support to the spinal cord’s anterior horn. The patient’s Iliac Crest rests on the protective pads for the anterior support column. The advantage is added comfort for the patient and greater positioning control of the anterior support column for the medical team.

Swivel and Non-Swivel Arms Are Available in Both Standard and Large Sizes

Swivel arms that attach to the base plate adjust vertically and horizontally for precision holding. The standard superior arm measures 8 inches. To use as an excellent replacement in surgical procedures for larger patients, remove the inferior arm, and use the 11-inch larger superior arm.

Hyperflexion Plate Adjusts for a Wide Range of Motion

The hyperflexion plate fits inside the base plate’s groove. A maximum of 120 degrees of extra space is possible when swivel arms are used with it. The advantage is an increased Range of Motion (ROM) which is extremely important in surgical procedures, particularly when it involves knee flexion.

Base Plates Lessen the Amount of Time Required to Reposition Patients throughout Surgery

With the universal lateral positioner for surgery’s base plate, the patient can remain immobile and undisturbed while any needed accessories can be within reach. The base plate has five grooves for attachment repositioning. In addition, two different sizes of base plates are available. The standard 22-inch for average patients and for larger patients, the 25-inch is suitable.

Making several adjustments in the operating room extends the surgery when more time could be spent on conducting the procedure with minimal interruptions. Furthermore, each time the patient is repositioned, typically, surgical equipment is moved around also. Patient vitals must be verified and other safety precautionary measures must be taken as well.

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