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What Is A Knee Surgery Positioner And What Does It Do?

Knee getting checked outAs with any type of surgery, knee surgery can be a complex procedure that must be completed with the utmost of precision. Whether it is knee replacement surgery or a procedure aimed at repairing torn ligaments, surgeons need to be able to have the patient’s leg positioned in various ways during the procedure. To accomplish this, they often use a knee surgery positioner. If you are facing knee surgery and want to know more about the role a knee surgery positioner will play while you are in the operating room, here are important details associated with this device.

An Additional Pair of Hands

When surgeons are using a positioner, it is as if they have an additional pair of hands in the operating room. By being able to keep the patient’s leg steady during the procedure, the positioner allows for much more precise control when making incisions. In addition, it also saves time during the operation, allowing for faster completion.

Stability Testing

As surgeons are completing work on a patient’s knee during surgery, they will need to be able to perform various tests along the way to judge the strength and stability of the knee and leg. By using a knee surgery positioner, they can perform various tests for ligament stability as well as range of motion, letting them know if additional measures need to be taken.

Sterile Draping

When using a knee surgery positioner, one of the biggest benefits for surgeons is that it can be positioned on the operating room table without the need for perforation, meaning it can be placed over the sterile drapes without any holes needing to be made in the drapes. This, along with the positioner’s push-button release mechanism, allows surgical technicians to set up the operating room much quicker.

Easier Access

Since knee surgery can be a complex and also delicate procedure, surgeons need to have easy access to the damaged parts of the knee when making incisions. Since the positioner can be placed on the operating table in various ways, it allows the surgeon to place the leg in many different positions during the procedure. As a result, the surgeon can extend, tilt, rotate, and flex the leg and knee throughout the operation.

Compatible with Other Parts

When performing knee surgery, doctors also rely on other devices that must work in conjunction with the knee surgery positioner. Thus, the positioner itself is designed to allow for the use of other key components. One of these is known as the Universal Distractor, which is used to apply limited amounts of pressure to the patient’s femur just outside the knee joint. Along with this, the positioner is also used in conjunction with a Universal Boot, which lets surgeons position the patient’s foot so that the knee is able to be placed in the correct position for surgery.

While knee surgery is relatively common and has a high success rate with patients, it is nevertheless a complex procedure that requires accuracy and precision. By being able to use a knee surgery positioner during the procedure, doctors and other members of the surgical team can ensure the operation will go smoothly.