koolRAPs' founding company, SunMedica Inc., has demonstrated expertise in designing and manufacturing postoperative wound management products and cold therapy products since 1988. The intent of launching www.koolraps.com is to take what we know and dedicate our line of koolRAPs® to not only aid Athletes treating or preventing injuries but also patients in need of Physical Therapy rehabilitation.


By using the same designs and experience, koolRAPs® now have a more unique spin on cold therapy wraps. By allowing you to pick your own size, color of material, or custom imprint, each wrap will be truly unique to YOU. koolRAPs® not only make you look sharp, but they are also a quality cold therapy product.

Whether you are on a competitive Sports Team, a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer, instructor or simply training in the off-season, koolRAPs® will work for you. We strive to maintain a high quality in all of our products while maintaining reasonable costs.

SunMedica Launches www.koolraps.com
Featured Products

Preferred by the respected Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Larry Dorr, the hipGRIP™ is a 20-piece modular Lateral Positioning System which provides positive pelvis control. Low profile keeps positioners out of a surgeon’s way.

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The hipRAP™ is a tapeless Spica wrap used for post operative patient care. It provides gentle soft tissue support while securing sterile dressings in place. The hipRAP™ is made from the finest quality of stretch absorbent material and also features velcro® closures.

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The koolPAK® is made from a patented phase-change material that provides regulated cold therapy for post-operative surgical wounds.

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SunMedica is spreading the word about our post-operative breast wraps. We take pride in knowing that our unique masRAP™ design provides the gentle compression and pain relief that a woman deserves after a traumatic breast surgery

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