orthoRAP® - Tapeless Post Operative Wound Care Wraps

ankleRAP PullOn ankleRAP PullOn ankleRAP PullOn ankleRAP PullOn

ankleRAP™ Pull-On

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ankleRAP™ Pull-On
  • 012-11-S for $12.65
  • 012-11-M for $12.65
  • 012-11-L for $12.65
  • 012-11-XL for $25.35
ankleRAP™-PLUS (+ 6" x 9" koolPAK®)
  • 012-11-S-PLUS for $13.90 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 012-11-M-PLUS for $13.90 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 012-11-L-PLUS for $13.90 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 012-11-XL-PLUS for $27.88 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)