orthoRAP® - Tapeless Post Operative Wound Care Wraps

masRAP masRAP masRAP masRAP


SunMedica takes pride in knowing that our unique masRAP™ design provides the gentle compression and pain relief that a woman deserves after a traumatic breast surgery. The masRAP™ is used for surgeries such as breast removal, reconstruction, reduction or enlargement.

  • Post-operative, post-injury patient care
  • Provides soft tissue support
  • Secures sterile dressings in place without the use of harsh medical tapes
  • Easy access cold therapy pocket to slide a koolPAK® in between the layers of fabric
  • Reversible for the right or left
  • Eliminates tape blisters
  • Latex-free! Made from the finest quality of stretch absorbent material
  • Greatly improves patient comfort & can reduce wound care time
  • Features velcro┬« closures to adjust fit and to also easily check dressings
  • 016-11-P for $32.98
  • 016-11-S for $32.98
  • 016-11-M for $32.98
  • 016-11-L for $32.98
  • 016-11-XL for $32.98
masRAP™-PLUS (+ 6" x 9" koolPAK®)
  • 016-11-P-PLUS for $36.25 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 016-11-S-PLUS for $36.25 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 016-11-M-PLUS for $36.25 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 016-11-L-PLUS for $36.25 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)
  • 016-11-XL-PLUS for $36.25 (koolPAK® 1/2 OFF)