Patient Surgical Positioning Devices

hipGRIP IIOrthopedic Surgical Positioning Devices

Patient positioning is an important aspect of surgery preparation and should always be approached with extreme caution and extra care. SunMedica is your best source for patient surgical positioning devices. Designed to improve the overall experience of orthopaedic surgical procedures for both patients and surgeons, our devices allow surgical team members in the operating room to put more of their focus on the accuracy of the operation and less on the arrangement of the patient. Whenever patient positioning and stability is required, top-notch surgeons can count on our innovative products to stay out of the way while improving efficiency and further assisting their skills.

Hip Surgery Positioning Devices

There are a high number of hip procedures and total hip replacements performed each year. It’s critical to their success that these operations are executed precisely, and our hip surgery positioning devices can help to achieve a favorable outcome. Utilizing one of our specially designed hip positioner systems will support the patient’s body placement and can prevent inaccurate cup alignment.

kneeGRIPKnee Surgery Positioning Devices

SunMedica’s knee surgery positioning devices are created to hold a patient’s leg in place for the duration of the procedure, decreasing the need for more hands in the operating room. Surgeons will have full access to the knee in whichever position is best suited for the operation with peace of mind that the patient is not in danger of suffering any injuries.

Leg Surgery Positioning Devices

Leg surgery positioning devices are the perfect solution for making sure that patient safety is top priority. Proper leg adjustment and skin protection is made easier with the right equipment. Our devices are assembled for optimal leg positioning with an unobstructed view and are compatible with all standard surgical tables.

legGRIPEach step forward that SunMedica has taken towards the development of patient surgical positioning devices serves to enhance operating room techniques and helps to boost patient recovery results. Contact us to learn more about the products we offer and find out how your healthcare facility can benefit from our state-of-the-art devices.

Surgical Positioning Devices
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