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Woman with hip joint pain

Posterior Hip Positioner: A Medical Device for Support, Relief and Protection

Woman with hip joint painThe medical field constantly needs machines, devices and certain types of equipment to provide proper patient care to people in need. One type of device that is often used for this purpose is known as the posterior hip positioner. This medical device is used to assist patients who are experiencing certain medical conditions or who must undergo specific medical procedures. Keep reading to find out more information about this device.

What is a posterior hip positioner?

A posterior hip positioner is designed to hold a patient comfortably in place when they need reliable medical services. These units have been designed by orthopedic surgeons or medical device manufacturers for the purpose of stabilizing patients. These supportive devices not only keep patients in place, they also help to reduce load tension from certain parts of their body. The units can even help to protect a patient’s health. It does this by allowing their body to perform certain functions it otherwise could not do if the patient did not have artificial assistance.

Posterior hip positioners can be designed around the patient. A good positioning device has parts that will allow for adaptability and mobility when needed. Positioning devices are usually made out of a durable metal substance. Most can hold weight loads in excess of a half a ton.

There are some instances where patients can be relatively obese. A hip positioner can even be used to stabilize and secure them in place when needed. Most posterior hip devices are used to keep a patient in place from the waist and hip areas. They are also used to support their upper and lower body as well.

Why would a patient need this type of medical device?

A posterior hip positioning device is important for many different reasons. First, this unit can safely lift patients who are immobilized. This will allow them to be moved from one area of the hospital to the other. Another reason for this device has to do with security. If a patient is barely able to function but can still move; this device can keep them safely in place.

The device also reduces the development of bedsores. Many immobile patients can’t move around and this causes them to develop bed sores on their body from poor circulation. Patients who are obese can also benefit from this unit. They can be positioned in comfortable stances to help alleviate strain on their body.

How do doctors and surgeons benefit from a posterior hip positioner?

Doctors and surgeons value these units. They realize that some patient’s must be positioned and supported in a certain way while they perform a surgical procedure. Obese patients usually need to be lifted in certain positions for specific types of surgery. Doctors also use this unit on patients who cannot be easily moved by a medical staff member. The devices are also beneficial for patients suffering from extreme pain. They can be adjusted in a different way to avoid problems with pain.

Posterior hip devices help patients to recover and they help doctors to have better access to a patient’s body. This unit is often sold in medical equipment and supply stores. Many medical facilities, nursing homes and hospitals often have posterior positioning equipment on hand to provide better patient care.