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hipRAP™ – Spica Wrap


  • Post-operative, post-injury patient care
  • Secures sterile dressings in place without the use of harsh medical tapes
  • Helps eliminate tape blisters
  • Features velcro® closures to adjust fit and to also easily check dressings
  • Provides soft tissue support
  • Easy access cold therapy pocket to slide a koolPAK™ in between the layers of fabric
  • Reversible for the right or left
  • Latex-free! Made from the finest quality of stretch absorbent material
  • Greatly improves patient comfort & can reduce wound care time
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Suggested Reimbursement Code

  • Covered under “Secondary Dressing Retainer HCPCS Code A4649” for reimbursement

Download a clinical study that finds the incidence of blisters, drainage, and infection significantly decreased by using a compressive wrap dressing after 457 hip surgeries. orthoRAP™ Clinical Article (PDF)


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