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shoulderGRIP™ Complete Set


The shoulderGRIP™ surgical positioning device is a positioning system to hold the upper extremity during shoulder surgery. Specifically, the shoulderGRIP™ is designed to help in positioning of the upper extremety during shoulder arthroplasty and rotaro cuff surgery. The shoulderGRIP™ is meant to be used on most standard OR tables. A “beach chair” surgical attachment is not required.

*surgical table clamps not included

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shoulderGRIP™ LogoBenefits

  • Simple locking ball & socket system
  • Completely sterile device & sterile clamps
  • Lateral chest support keeps patient on OR table
  • Upper extremity easily disengaged for circumduction
  • Very robust device & built to last (10 years)

shoulderGRIP™ Complete Set

  • Forearm Support
  • Forearm Support Horizontal Rod
  • Forearm Support Upright Rod
  • Vertical Support Rod
  • Sterilizable Clamp for Vertical Support Rod
  • Lateral Chest Support Clamp
  • Clamp for Lateral Chest Support
  • Sterilization Tray
  • Sterile Foam Pad for Forearm Support (2 sterile packs included)


shoulderGRIP™ Forearm Support


shoulderGRIP™ Forearm Support Horizontal Rod


shoulderGRIP™ Forearm Support Upright Rod


shoulderGRIP™ Lateral Chest Support


shoulderGRIP™ Lateral Chest Support Clamp


shoulderGRIP™ Sterile Foam Pad for Forearm Support (10 pack)


shoulderGRIP™ Sterilizable Clamp for Vertical Support Rod


shoulderGRIP™ Sterilization Tray


shoulderGRIP™ Vertical Support Rod


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