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The tummyRAP™ is used for post-operative wound care. The tummyRAP™ is made from the finest quality of stretch absorbent material. It provides soft tissue support and secures sterile dressings in place without the use of harsh medical tapes. It’s unique design features a special pocket to hold the koolPAK™ in place for cold therapy/pain relief.


  • Features tapeless support of post-operative dressing
  • Eliminates tape blisters
  • Greatly improves patient comfort
  • Can reduce post-operative complications
  • Decreases wound care time
  • Easy access pocket for cold therapy
  • Latex-free
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tummyRAP™ Extension
Th tummyRAP™ Extension is available for the larger patients. This extension easily attaches to the tummyRAP™ and allows for a better fit around the waist. It eliminates skin irritation that can be caused when the wrap fits incorrectly.

With our orthoRAPs®-Plus special, you will receive a 6” x 9” koolPAK™ for a discounted price!
*Does not include a koolPAK™

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