Surgical Orthopedics

shoulderRAPā„¢Orthopaedic Surgical Wraps and Holders

As a leader in healthcare innovations, SunMedica understands how effective surgical orthopaedic procedures are in remedying the muscles, joints and bones on fragile areas of the body that commonly involve the back, shoulders, knees, hips, etc. These routine surgeries can easily benefit from and be improved by our specially designed orthopaedic surgeon products and patient positioning devices. Our cutting-edge equipment, created to enhance any operating room, will ensure your patients receive a high standard of care when it comes to surgical orthopaedics.

Sports Orthopaedics

Even though athletes may accept that injuries often come with the territory when participating in any kind of sport, the team at SunMedica has developed solutions for not only treating, but also preventing sports-related injuries. Our products give surgeons specializing in sports orthopaedics more suitable and convenient options to offer their patients, whether they are practicing prevention or being rehabilitated. Designed to allow athletes to stay active, patients will appreciate the progressive treatment strategy.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Products

Our ability to introduce inventive orthopaedic surgeon products to the medical industry comes from the engineering expertise of a professional familiar to the orthopaedics field himself. Meticulous preparation is required before a surgery to make certain everything is in order, and our equipment will assist your surgical team in making sure some of the most important steps are completed with efficiency. You can rest assured that accuracy is top priority when it comes to our products.

Patient Surgical Positioning Devices

Arranging a patient into the correct position on an operating table is one of the most critical tasks a surgical team has on their plate when preparing for a procedure. Our patient surgical positioning devices help to take some of this responsibility away by stabilizing and holding a patient in place themselves. Without ever getting in a surgeon’s way, positioning equipment grants maximum exposure to the surgical site and protects the patient from experiencing injuries during surgery. Our lineup of surgical orthopaedic products, patient surgical positioning devices and wound management treatments have considerably strengthened the quality of care coming from surgeons and other healthcare staff members.