• A: thighGRIP® Foam Pad
  • B: Upright Thigh Support
  • C: Thumb Screw
  • D: Thigh Support Bar
thighGRIP thighGRIP thighGRIP


The thighGRIP® surgical positioning device is featured in the kneeGRIPII™ set and can be sold separately to provide additional support of lateral thigh. With valgus force on the leg, the thigh is blocked and opens the medial compartment for arthroscopic surgery. The foam is contoured to decrease the pressure over the lateral thigh.

  • Improves surgical positioning
  • Saves time and money (reduces surgery time)
  • Parts accommodate a full range of body types
  • Durable/long lasting
  • The thighGRIP® is COMPATIBLE WITH ANY industry standard operating room table.
  • Comes with information booklet
  • Rental Program available
  • Coversets included (protective white fabric on positioning pieces to avoid skin irritation)
  • Individual pieces available on our online site
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Complete Set
  • 1-8" Upright Thigh Support + Foam Pad + Thigh Support Bar + Thumb Screw
  • Coversets (1 Case/25 Set-ups) Each Set-up ../includes 1-thighGRIP® Cover

D-010-100 thighGRIP® Complete Set: $634.05

(A) thighGRIP® Foam Pad
(A) thighGRIP® Foam Pad

This foam pad slides over the thighGRIP® Support to provide comfort for the patient and prevent skin irritation.

Supplies Needed: Soap or Wax.
Foam Pad Instructions (PDF: 244KB)

  • D-010-001 for $90.15
(B) Upright Thigh Support
(B) Upright Thigh Support

Used to position next thigh while the knee and hip are flexed in order to prevent any unnecessary movement during surgery.

  • D-010-002 for $378.66
(C) Thumb Screw
(C) Thumb Screw

The Thumb Screw is used to connect the Upright Thigh Support to the Thigh Support Bar.

  • D-010-003 for $55.66
(D) Thigh Support Bar
(D) Thigh Support Bar

Used with the Upright Thigh Support to secure the thighGRIP® to the operating room table.

  • D-010-004 for $294.75
(E) Coversets
(E) thighGRIP® Coversets

Made from special material to cover the device's foam pads, increase the pad's lifespan, help maintain cleanliness and to prevent moisture that can cause skin irritation.
1 thighGRIP® Cover Per Set-up.

  • D-010-005: (1 case/25 Set-ups) for $55.40