S300-1: Sager Combo Splints Pac #1

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  • Can be used for a mid-shaft or proximal third femur fracture
  • Rapid one-person application
  • Utilizes quantifiable, dynamic traction
  • Requires minimal patient movement to apply
  • 40 Years field experience

Combo Splint Pac #1 includes the Unilateral Adult Femoral Traction Splint, D-S301-100, and the Unilateral (Bilateral) Infant Femoral Traction Splint, D-S300-100. This combination of splints will allow first responders to treat a majority of unilateral femur fractures in adults and children.

Sager Combo Splints Pac #1 Item
(Includes D-S300-100 & D-S301-100)
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An Important Point
Sager Emergency Traction Splints are just that – short-term emergency traction devices for use at the scene of an accident and while transporting the patient for more definitive care. Prolonged use of any traction device can cause pressure sores and/or other medical problems. If prolonged use is unavoidable, the splint contact areas should be monitored frequently and reduced traction and/or no traction and/or repositioning of the device should be considered. Please refer to local/state/federal splinting protocols for definitive guidance.