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1. Are the wraps comfortable for the patient?

Yes, they are made of a four-way stretch cotton-lycra fabric that conforms to the contours of the patient. Many patients like the extra support and wore the wrap for many weeks after surgery.

2. How do the wraps benefit the nursing staff?

They reduce the time it takes to do wound checks and dressing changes significantly. The hook and loop attachments allow for quick application and access for wound examination.

3. Are your RAPs latex free?


4. Can tape be underneath the RAPs?

It is undesirable to use tape on the skin when using the orthoRAP®. Because tape can cause blisters, orthoRAP® are designed specifically to hold the sterile dressing in place without the use of tape.

5. Can the RAPs decrease draining from the wound?

Based on a study published in the NAON Magazine, application of the orthoRAP® compression support resulted in decreased swelling and wound erythema (A redness of the skin resulting from inflammation).

6. Can you apply cold therapy while using the wrap?

The orthoRAP® have a pocket between the layers of fabric to hold cold therapy packs in place. The wraps also conduct natural skin moisture away from the patients body.

7. Can you use Polar Care Cold Therapy Machines while wearing the orthoRAP®?

Yes you can cut a small hole in the bottom of the wrap to run the cold therapy tubes into the pocket of the orthoRAP®. The fabric doesn't fray and this will not compromise compression of the orthoRAP®.

8. Can the RAPs be washed?

Yes, wash in warm water and line-dry.

9. Is there a minimum order you have to buy?

No, you can buy one product at a time if you wish to do so.

10. What billing code can the orthoRAP® go under?

Secondary Dressing Retainer HCPCS Code A4649.

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