horseRAP® chestRAP™ Wound Wrap
horseRAP® chestRAP™ Wound Wrap

horseRAP® chestRAP™ Wound Wrap

  • EQ-4029-S Small
  • EQ-4029-M Medium
  • EQ-4029-L Large



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The chestRAP™ is designed for post-operative/post-injury equine care. These chest wraps are infused with SMARTSILVER®, an additive that provides lasting antimicrobial protection. The stretch absorbent material, provides a light compression/soft tissue support and secures sterile dressings or SMARTSILVER® Poultice Pads in place without the use of medical tapes.
  • Velcro® panel between the legs to access wounds such as Pigeon Fever blisters & change dressings in front of chest area without having to take the whole wrap off.
  • Comforts the horse during the healing process
  • Light compression/soft tissue support
  • SMARTSILVER® kills 99% of bacteria & fungus
  • The upper legs have a zipper that allow easier access for checking wounds periodically.
  • Designed for controlled silver ion release - providing long lasting protection
  • Will not thermally or UV degrade
  • Effects of the infused silver lasts through 30+ washings


  • Small 12-14 H Pony/Smaller horses
  • Medium 15-16 H Average Height Breeds
  • Large 16-17+ H Taller Breeds/Warmbloods

SolEquine® Wound Care products are supportive, compressive bandages. They do not stay up/on indefinitely, they are meant to be monitored and readjusted as necessary. Check at least every 4-8 hours.
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  • Model EQ-4029-S Small, EQ-4029-M Medium, EQ-4029-L Large
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