Sager® Parts List

Basic Components and Parts List

⦁ 1.   Ischial Perineal Cushion; Cat. No S324 (Models S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 2.   Abductor Bridle; Cat. No. S357 (Models S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 3.   Ischial Perineal Cushion; Cat. No. S320 (Model S300)
⦁ 4.   Abductor Bridle; Cat. No. S321 (Model S300)
⦁ 5.   Tensor Cravat Kit; Cat. No. TC304 (Model S304), TC404 (Model SX404)
⦁ 6.   Tensor Cravat Kit; Cat. No. TC300 (Model S300), TC301 (Model S301)
⦁ 7.   Carry Case; Cat No. S323 (Models S301, S304 – Blue, not shown here)
⦁ 8.   Carry Case; Cat. No. S318 (Model S300 – Blue, not shown here)
⦁ 9.   Carry Case; Cat. No. SX417 (Model SX404 – Black, not shown here)
⦁ 10. Pedal Pinion; Cat. No. S345 (Model S301, S304, SX404)
⦁ 11. Pedal Pinion; Cat. No. S319 (Model S300 – not shown here)
⦁ 12. Malleolar Harness Set; Cat. No. S316 (1 ea. right, 1 ea. left) Model S300 only
⦁ 13. Malleolar Harness Set; Cat. No. S344 (1 ea. right, 1 ea. left) Model S304, S404, S405)
⦁ 14. Malleolar Harness, Cat. No. S342 (plain) Model S301 only

For a more detail parts list please click on the Sager User’s Handbook – available on each product page

Product Models

⦁ Model S300-1; Super Sager Combo Pac 1 (1 ea S300 and 1 ea S301 – stored in single carry case)
⦁ Model S300-4; Super Sager Combo Pac 2 (1 ea S300 and 1 ea S304 – stored in single carry case) Shown above 
⦁ Model S300; Sager Infant Bilateral
⦁ Model S301; Sager Form III Single
⦁ Model S304; Sager Form III Bilateral
⦁ Model SX404; Sager Compact Bilateral
⦁ Model SX405; SEFRS (Sager Emergency Fracture Response System)⦁ Model B1-1; Sunmedica Breakaway Flat
⦁ Model MFK 700, Sunmedica Fracture Kit