duoPAK® Cold Therapy
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duoPAK® Cold Therapy

  • EQ-5001: duoPAK® 6" x 9"
  • EQ-5002: duoPAK® 6" x 12"
  • EQ-5003: duoPAK® 6” x 9” (Case of 12)
  • EQ-5004: duoPAK® 6” x 9” (Case of 24)
  • EQ-5005: duoPAK® 6” x 12” (Case of 12)
  • EQ-5006: duoPAK® 6” x 12” (Case of 24)



Therapy Guide

The duoPAK® is made from a patented powder, phase-change material that provides regulated cold therapy for cool-down after a workout or event. The horseRAP®/duoPAK® combo can be heated for muscle aches and pains or sports injury therapy as well. It molds nicely to the horse contours due to the powdery nature, even when cold. duoPAK® is environmentally friendly and can be used over and over.

The duoPAK® can be used with any of our horseRAP® products. Each horseRAP® features a unique pocket where you can place the duoPAK®. The horseRAP® pocket allows for easy placement of the duoPAK® for cold therapy treatments.

When frozen, the duoPAK® provides pain relief in the appropriate temperature range of 50–75 F, without doing damage by freezing the skin—which can occur with ice or gel products.

When heated, the duoPAK® penetrates deep warming heat to the muscle where it hurts. This works to relax, soothe, and also loosen tight muscles. Continuous low-level heat therapy works well for pain relief and sore muscles.


  • Unlike ice or gels, the duoPAK® provides the appropriate temperature of cold therapy that doesn't damage the skin
  • Reduces exercise-induced swelling
  • Non-toxic if ingested & Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable & light-weight
  • Unique material molds to the contours of the horse's body
  • Cold therapy lasts for 60-90 minutes
  • Can be used in humid climates
Product options
  • Model EQ-5001: duoPAK® 6" x 9", EQ-5002: duoPAK® 6" x 12", EQ-5003: duoPAK® 6” x 9” (Case of 12), EQ-5004: duoPAK® 6” x 9” (Case of 24), EQ-5005: duoPAK® 6” x 12” (Case of 12), EQ-5006: duoPAK® 6” x 12” (Case of 24)
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