About SunMedica Inc

Redefining Healthcare

SunMedica has developed an excellent industrial reputation for new innovations in the area of surgical orthopaedics, wound management, cold therapy, occupational orthopedics, and sports medicine. Our principal objective is to provide an array of products that significantly improve the standard of care while concurrently reducing procedural costs.


Our goal is to design, develop, manufacture and sell quality medical products to assist Physicians, Nurses and other Healthcare Providers in the improvements of patient care around the world. We strive to maintain a high quality in all of our products while maintaining reasonable costs.


The principal product innovator is an orthopaedic surgeon with engineering expertise. He and his staff have been committed to developing new and exciting orthopedic products since 1988.

Standards Compliant

Made In USASunMedica is in compliance with local, national and international quality requirements which include:

  • Made in USA
  • FDA Quality System
  • California Dept of Food and Drug
  • California Device manufacturing
  • ISO9001: 1994
  • EN 46001: 1996
  • (QSRs) 21 CFR Part 820
  • ISO 13485: 1996