Surgical Products from SunMedica

Surgical Positioning Devices

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Our variety of surgical positioning devices allow firm support during surgery on an operating room table WITHOUT pressure over vital structures. This allows the Surgeon and assistant Surgeon to direct their skills toward the surgery rather than holding the lower extremity. ALL OF OUR PARTS are compatible with ANY industry-standard operating room table.

orthoRAP® Post Operative Wound Care Wraps

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SunMedica offers a line of orthoRAP® products for post-operative wound care. They provide compressive support and secure sterile dressings in place without the use of harsh medical tapes. They are specially designed with pockets to hold the koolPAK® for cold therapy/pain relief.

koolPAK® Post Operative Cold Therapy Pack

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SunMedica’s latest innovation is the koolPAK®. It’s made from a patented; phase-change material that provides regulated cold therapy for post-operative surgical wounds. The koolPAK® provides pain relief in the appropriate temperature range of 50-75 ˚F without doing damage by freezing the skin, which can occur with ice or gel products. There are two sizes for maximum coverage (6”x9” & 6”x12”) and can be used for pain relief/cold therapy with any of our koolRAPs® or orthoRAPs®.