universal lateral positioner for surgery

How the Universal Lateral Positioner for Surgery Streamlines Surgical Procedures

Getting the patient situated prior, during, and post-surgery can take a great deal of time. However, positioning devices were designed to make surgery more efficient. For example, the universal lateral positioner for surgery is perfect for right and left decubitus position (RLDP) patient placement. Learn how it offers several advantages ...
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wound management products

Sun Medica Transforming Wound Management Care Products

Did you know that over six million Americans suffer from chronic wounds annually? The National Institute of Health estimates that over $15 billion is used in wound management. These numbers are likely to rise due to the increased number of cases of diabetes, anemia, immuno-suppressive diseases and therapy, and obesity, ...
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anterior lateral positioner

Helpful Anterior Lateral Positioner Options

Understanding Anterior Lateral Positioners There are all sorts of products out there that can help people with orthopedic needs. Anterior lateral positioners are a great example. These hip positioners often have interior arms that users can adjust all by themselves. People appreciate these devices for an abundance of reasons. They’ve ...
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