Patient Positioning Devices For Surgery

The Biggest Advantages of Using Patient Positioning Devices For Surgery

Every surgeon knows that certain surgeries require more enhanced tools for the best experience. For example, patient positioning devices for surgery tend to be necessary for keeping optimal productivity levels and improving outcomes in the operating room. With more image-guided protocols in place, it has become imperative for surgeons and ...
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knee surgery positioner device

Reasons A Knee Surgery Positioner Device Can Be Helpful

Just like any other type of surgery, knee surgery can be a complicated procedure. Whether it is a surgical procedure meant to repair torn ligaments, or an entire knee replacement surgery – doctors need to be able to have the knee of the patient placed strategically in different positions for ...
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Lateral Hip Surgical Positioning Device

The Benefits Of Using A Lateral Hip Surgical Positioning Device

Persistent or worsening hip pain stemming from diseases such as arthritis can reduce the quality of life. The searing pain in the hip caused by damaged tissues can limit a patient’s movement and ability to perform basic tasks in and around the house. Such individuals will also find going to ...
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