Surgeon Prepping for Surgery

6 Ways Leg Holders are Helpful for Surgery

Surgical operations are technically complex, and your doctor needs to get just the perfect leg angle when performing a delicate limb surgery. Leg Supports are a crucial aspect of recuperation, and you only need the most efficient leg positioning devices to make your surgery procedure a success. Sun Medica offers ...
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Doctors and Nurses Performing Surgery

Products to Help the Everyday Orthopaedic Surgeon

Orthopaedic products can benefit patients and doctors. Skeletal deformities and dysfunction can negatively impact anyone at any age. Depending on the resources available, surgery does not have to be lengthy and difficult. Specialized orthopaedic products can help doctors perform necessary surgery while eliminating fatigue. What Are Surgical Positioning Devices? There ...
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Knee getting checked out

What Is A Knee Surgery Positioner And What Does It Do?

As with any type of surgery, knee surgery can be a complex procedure that must be completed with the utmost of precision. Whether it is knee replacement surgery or a procedure aimed at repairing torn ligaments, surgeons need to be able to have the patient’s leg positioned in various ways ...
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