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hipGRIP II® XtendR Complete Set


The hipGRIP II® XtendR is an operating room table attachment that is designed to support the down leg during lateral position surgery. The device is attached to the operating table with two Angled Bars and bar clamps attached to the operation room table. The foot of the operating room table remains up to support the legs until positioning is complete, then when the hipGRIP II® XtendR is just supporting the down-side leg, the foot of the table is lowered. The hipGRIP II® XtendR that supports the down-side leg is one half the width of the operation room table to facilitate placement of the operated lower extremity into positions that allow surgery that would be harder with leg support being the full width of the operating room table. The hipGRIP II® XtendR is made from high density polyethylene and the angle bars are stainless steel for easy cleaning.

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  • Supports the down-side leg during lateral position surgery
    (Used with the hipGRIP II®)
  • Reversible for the “Left” or “Right” hip
  • Saves time for the surgeon along with easy assembly
  • Compatible with most industry standard operating room tables

Complete Set

  • hipGRIP II® XtendR
  • Includes 2-Small Angle Bars
    (Side rail clamps are not included)


hipGRIP® – Angle Bars



Instructional DVDs come in the device’s carrying case. If you would like us to email you a copy or mail you a hard copy, please let us know.

Download hipGRIP II® XtendR Instructions (PDF)

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