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kneeGRIP® Complete Set


The kneeGRIP® surgical positioning device is an intra-operative system of supports that is designed to hold the lower extremity with the knee flexed. This will allow the surgeon and the assistant surgeon to direct their time and skills to the surgery, rather than holding the lower extremity.

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*surgical table clamps not included

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  • Improves surgical positioning
  • Saves time and money (reduces surgery time)
  • Parts accommodate a full range of body types
  • Durable/long lasting
  • The kneeGRIP® is COMPATIBLE WITH ANY industry standard operating room table.
  • Free Demo Program available
  • Stored in custom carrying case
  • Coversets included with set (protective white fabric on positioning pieces to avoid skin irritation)

kneeGRIP® II Complete Set

  • 1-Foot Support + Foam Pad
  • 1-8″ Upright Support + Foam Pad + 8″ Upright Support Bar + Thumb Screw
  • Coversets (1 Case/25 Set-ups) Each Set-up ../includes 1-Foot Support cover and 1-8″ Upright Support cover
  • 1-Carrying Case


hipGRIP® – Thumb Screw


kneeGRIP® 8″ Upright Support


kneeGRIP® 8″ Upright Support Foam Pad


kneeGRIP® Carrying Case


kneeGRIP® Coversets (Foot & 8″ Upright)


kneeGRIP® Foot Support


kneeGRIP® Foot Support Foam Pad



Instructional DVDs come in the device’s carrying case. If you would like us to email you a copy or mail you a hard copy, please let us know.

Download kneeGRIP® Instructions (PDF)

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