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Reasons A Knee Surgery Positioner Device Can Be Helpful

knee surgery positioner deviceJust like any other type of surgery, knee surgery can be a complicated procedure. Whether it is a surgical procedure meant to repair torn ligaments, or an entire knee replacement surgery – doctors need to be able to have the knee of the patient placed strategically in different positions for a successful surgery. Knee surgery positioner devices are a great tool for surgery. 

Benefits Of Using Knee Surgery Positioner Device

First of all, it is important to understand that there are different types of surgical positioning devices. Surgeons usually use different devices for different positions. That means every device has distinct benefits specific to each position.

Serves As Additional Pair Of Hands

Knee surgery positioner devices usually act as additional hands when used by surgeons. By being able to keep the patient’s leg in the desired position during the operation, the device gives doctors an opportunity to assert more control when making incisions.The device also helps the surgeon move efficiently, saving time on the overall surgery. 

Sterile Draping

One major advantage of a knee positioner device to surgeons is that it can be placed on the operating room table without the need for perforation. This simply means that the device can be put over sterile drapes without the need of making any holes in the drapes. This process helps surgical technicians quickly set up the operating room. 

Stability Testing

This is another great advantage of knee surgery positioner devices. Normally, when surgeons are finishing the surgery procedure on a patient’s knee, they will want to conduct several tests to determine the stability and strength of the knee.

That’s where the knee positioner device comes in. Doctors usually use the device to carry out various tests for the stability of ligaments and the range of motion. This will help them to know if additional measures are needed or not.

Easy Access

As mentioned earlier, knee surgery is one of the most delicate and complicated procedures. This means that surgeons will need an easy and careful way of accessing the damaged parts.

The good thing with the knee positioner device is that it can be placed on the operating table. This makes it easy for surgeons to place the leg in various positions that allow easy access during the operation.


During surgery, doctors often depend on other devices that must function alongside the knee surgery positioner. That’s why almost all the positioners are designed in such a way that they can easily connect with other knee surgery components. One of such components is known as the Universal Distractor.

In general, the knee surgery positioning device plays a crucial role when it comes to knee surgery. It is true that some knee surgery procedures may be common and simple, but there are a;sp complex cases that require absolute care and application of different devices and techniques for the process to come out successful.