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The Top 4 Surgical Orthopaedic Equipment

Surgical Orthopaedic equipment enables the surgeon to increase the efficiency of his or her procedures and cuts down on total surgical time. These increases in speed and efficiency ultimately give the patient a much better result and experience.

Some typical surgeries that can be performed with Surgical orthopedic equipment are medial patellar luxation, tightrope CCL, arthrotomy, fracture fixation, and a host of other procedures.

Though all the instruments available to a surgeon don’t necessarily need to be used during surgery, the benefits far outweigh the time it takes to acquire and learn perform to procedures with these tools.

Here is a list of the top surgical orthopedic equipment that can increase efficiency and positive patient outcome.

Meniscal Probe

Meniscal pathology isn’t immediately apparent during an arthrotomy. However, a meniscal probe is able to find and palpate the meniscus more easily than if the tool was not used.

It is a very useful tool for detecting tears that are usually missed after axial lesions have been excised as well.

Assessing the meniscus texture is also an extremely useful ability of the meniscal probe. Typically, the meniscus is very firm. If the meniscus is much softer than normal, then this is usually a good indication the meniscus itself is degenerate or it could have a tear that is difficult to identify.

Gelpi Perineal Retractor

This retractor is made for perineal surgery. If the surgeon doesn’t have access to an excess of assistance during surgery, then the retractor can act as a placeholder for said assistance.

It can be placed in sections that require retraction of more than one opposing tissue.

Usually, this tool is used in approaches to hip joints, fractures, or an arthrotomy.

Usually, the surgeon will want to place the retractor in the areas that are most superficial in tissue layers and where the surgeon can see the layers as clearly as possible. It is not a good instrument to use without clear visuals.

Electrosurgery Unit

This tool is able to convert energy by using currents and adapting them through a form of cutting and also through coagulation tips.

This method prevents the growth of cells that are undesirable and cuts down on hemorrhages that may occur during surgery.

Typically, in orthopedic surgery, the tissue is more prone to bleeding. The electrosurgery tool can be used for these types of fragile procedures with its ability to cut through tissue while cauterizing the vessels at the same time.

Mayo Dissecting Scissors

These scissors are extremely simple, The cutting edge, shape, and the point of the blades are specific for orthopedic surgery.

Typically when muscle fascia needs to be cut, typically at a joint or a fracture, these scissors are the optimal tool to do so.


Surgical orthopaedic equipment can increase the patient’s results by increasing the efficiency of the surgeon. Not only will desired results be more favorable, but the time the patient is in surgery can be cut down by using these useful tools.