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Surgeon Prepping for Surgery

6 Ways Leg Holders are Helpful for Surgery

Surgeon Prepping for SurgerySurgical operations are technically complex, and your doctor needs to get just the perfect leg angle when performing a delicate limb surgery. Leg Supports are a crucial aspect of recuperation, and you only need the most efficient leg positioning devices to make your surgery procedure a success. Sun Medica offers a variety of orthopedic leg supports that are suited for every patient’s needs. Here’s a breakdown of why they are considered important:

Limb Stability

Leg surgeries can be utterly demanding, and a tailored leg holder should save your surgeon from a lot of leg movement. The knee is prone to positional adjustment even after anesthetic injection. Your limb should be appropriately anchored when you are undergoing a surgical arthroscopy or simple diagnostics such that nothing goes wrong. You don’t want the surgeon to dissect the wrong tissue, do you?

Perfect Posterior and Anterior Leg Exposure

When you give the consent to a leg operation or diagnostic procedure, the surgeon in charge must have a look at the affected or ailing limb section from all possible angles before taking on the arthroscopy. A good leg holder should enable a surgeon an in-depth evaluation of the target area without having to lean, bend, or slouch. Also, it gives the tissue just the perfect elevation for any routine check-ups without incurring body strain.

Fits Well with Any Operating Room Tables

Most athletes would rarely have an entire day off just for a leg check-up. Your facility should make an effort to ship the latest modes of leg holders that can seamlessly fit with any operating table. They are equipped with tight straps and fastening ends. Hence, you can be sure to spend less time adjusting this form of positional devices because they are not only flexible but also easy to use.

Ease of Removal

Leg holders shouldn’t give you a headache when it comes to removal. The strategic straps are made in such a way that they can be unfastened quickly. Such a case is typical after an arthroscopic surgery where the sterile field shouldn’t be disrupted whatsoever for it to be effective. Therefore, the surgeon can have an easy time unwinding the straps.

Patient Comfort

Standard leg holders always ensure that the patient is comfortable during and after the operation or diagnosis. When you utilize the quality leg holders, you can be sure that your patients won’t be twitching on the operating table. Most leg holders are sewn with a cotton-laden interior and a steady exterior to give the maximum patient comfort irrespective of the leg adjustment, elevation, or tilting during surgery.

Full Usability

Leg holders, unlike other lithotomy stirrups, can accommodate persons of any weight or leg inclination. They can put up with 350 Lbs worth of a person’s leg mass while ensuring premium safety during any operation. What’s more, you can even pick leg holders that suit a specific field of patients, i.e., by weight class, to achieve excellent usability results. Leg holders are more than just your typical surgical stirrups. They are crucial in helping the patient and surgeons maneuver delicate surgical operations without having to go overboard.