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Sun Medica Transforming Wound Management Care Products

wound management productsDid you know that over six million Americans suffer from chronic wounds annually? The National Institute of Health estimates that over $15 billion is used in wound management. These numbers are likely to rise due to the increased number of cases of diabetes, anemia, immuno-suppressive diseases and therapy, and obesity, which are complicating medical conditions to the wound healing process. With surgical procedures slowly rising in demand, the need for proper wound management products and care is gradually becoming vital in the medical field.

Chronic wounds are often termed as a silent killer in the hospital corridors. From frequent infection, sepsis, and gangrene, chronic wounds have led to detrimental results like amputations, venous ulcers, prolonged hospital stays, increased medical costs. In more severe cases, chronic wounds leading to sepsis can be fatal. Chronic wounds rarely occur in healthy individuals; however, in individuals who suffer from highly branded diseases like obesity and diabetes, this is a common occurrence.

Diabetes is an immuno-suppressive comorbidity that worsens or prolongs the time it takes for a wound to heal. Additionally, the exceptionally high blood glucose levels make it difficult for the platelets and other immune cells to work effectively. Obesity is a medical condition characterized by increased serum levels of bad cholesterol and adipose tissue. According to the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), patients with a body mass index (BMI) above 25 are considered overweight. In contrast, people with a body mass index of 30 and above are considered obese. Adipose tissue is a fat tissue that is poorly perfused, and this makes wound healing cumbersome.

The aged populations are at a higher risk of developing chronic wounds, especially pressure sores. This could be attributed to reduced perfusion due to peripheral artery disease or circulatory diseases prevalent in the aged population.

World Health Organization classifies wounds into four broad categories, clean wounds, clean-contaminated, contaminated, and dirty. The time it takes for a wound to heal depends on the extent of tissues affected and the colonizing bacteria found around that area. Therefore patients require continuous scrupulous care.

Sun Medica is a company that aims to invent and implement new medical inventions in surgical, wound management, and sports medicine. Our company strives to provide a wide variety of medical products that make an impact on the medical care standard while reducing the cost to the patient.

We at Sun Medica understand that patients need to heal completely and promptly to resume their normal life. Our products are specially designed to enhance post-operative care and healing, prevent further worsening of the trauma and make the wound management procedure easier. Our products are simple to use and provide the necessary support, especially in orthopedic manipulations such as spinal injuries and surgeries.

We specialize in soft tissue protection, especially after hip surgery, compressive support, sport-related accidents, and cold therapies to minimize inflammation associated with trauma and surgeries. Additionally, Sun Medica acknowledges the importance of pain management during wound management and care. Our team specializes in the provision of the best healing techniques. Our wound management plan caters for pain relief and provides tips on home remedies that would facilitate healing.