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Sun Medica Working Hard To Make Surgical Type Face Masks For Sale Online In COVID-19 Battle

surgical type face masks for sale onlineLet’s be totally honest. The coronavirus or COVID-19 has been extremely challenging as it rapidly spreads around the universe sending billions into lockdown. Health services around the world continue to grapple with the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

The United States has recently learned that there’s a fair amount of asymptomatic spread and that the public use of surgical type face masks for sale online is making a major difference in how we try and keep people safe.

Health experts now believe that fabric masks are not only essential for the health care setting but for community-wide use as well.

Here at SunMedica, we are proud to be doing our small part in helping stem the spread of COVID-19 by offering the public these comfortable, cotton-lycra face masks for both adults and children. Our masks feature high-quality material and design and are latex-free. One size fits most adults, and there are children’s sizes available.

The fabric of these masks has been infused with SmartsilverĀ®, nano-sized silver particles that provide exceptional, anti-microbial protection. The special, silver ions contained in SmartsilverĀ® are very effective at destroying a variety of bacterial components that can grow and harm one’s respiration and immunity factors.

The public use of masks can primarily help prevent asymptomatic patients from unknowingly exposing the virus to others.

An asymptomatic patient with the coronavirus does not know they have been infected because they are not displaying any symptoms. COVID-19 has a lengthy incubation period, and it usually can take anywhere from three to 14 days before symptoms begin to show.

That is why the coronavirus has been extremely difficult for scientists attempting to pinpoint its exact transmission route because we have yet to discover all of the ways the virus can be spread.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) now recommends wearing a mask in public because it is believed that masks may help lower the risk of individuals catching the virus through the droplets from another person’s cough or sneeze.

Most health experts also advise that even small measures to reduce transmission can be worthwhile. Washing the hands and keeping six feet from others are two of these strong recommendations, and by wearing a mask, you are doing the best for yourself and/or family members when you venture out in public.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert, recently said this to CNN-News: “Something doesn’t have to be 100 percent effective to be beneficial.”

SunMedica has been a well-established business and leader in healthcare innovations since 1988. The company enjoys a fine reputation around the world as a medical equipment supplier and is based in Redding, California.

SunMedica, like many other businesses, has been affected by the government’s executive orders regarding the pandemic, so the pace of their operation has slowed down a bit for the time being.

The company has been busy manufacturing face masks not only to make available for sale to the public online but has also donated hundreds of face masks to hospital staff across the Redding, CA area.